Meet the Staff

Connie- Office Manager
Connie has been a dedicated team member since 1987. She will help guide you through your initial contact with us to completing your insurance claims. Her roots as a chairside Dental Assistant allow her to fully understand your office experience. Her professionalism, knowledge and dynamic personality have been an integral part of my office for many years. Working with Connie will allow you to enjoy navigating through your dental experience at our office. Connie maintains her CPR certification.

Dale- Dental Assistant
Dale has been a valuable team member since 1998. She serves as Dr Moses' right hand in the treatment room to assist in making you comfortable and feel at home during your dental treatment experience. Dale has a warm, caring personality allowing you to truly feel part of the family.
Dale has her license in Dental Radiography and is CPR certified.

Jane - Assistant Office Coordinator
Jane has been a devoted team member since 1995. She began her experience in our office as a patient many years ago. Her enthusiasm about dentistry made us realize that she could be an asset to the practice. Jane will assist you in all of your scheduling needs to keep you on track to maintain your dental health. She also serves as a valuable assistant to Connie to help make your dental experience a pleasant one. Jane also maintains her CPR certification.

Jennifer- Dental Hygienist
Jennifer started her career in our office as a dental assistant from 1991-1998. We are delighted to have her back as part of our team as a Dental Hygienist since 2011. She is motivated and dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your periodontal health. Jennifer maintains her CPR certification.

Joanne –Dental Hygienist
Joanne has been providing Dental Hygiene to patients for over 30 years. She has a vast knowledge and experience in understanding your dental needs having spent many years in a periodontal office as well as in general dentistry. Joanne maintains her CPR certification.

Stephanie –Dental Hygienist
Stephanie is the newest member to our dental team. She is dedicated to educating our patients on the importance of dental oral hygiene and the connection to your general health and well being. She has been in the dental field since 1999. Stephanie maintains her CPR certification.

Sharifah -Dental Receptionist 
Sharifah is our newest team member. She has over 20 years experience in the  dental field to help you navigate through your dental procedures and your insurance needs. She is polite, caring and professional to help you feel right at home in the dental office. She can also assist us in the treatment room as she maintains her x-ray license.

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