• "I have been a patient of Dr. Moses for quite some time. I recently went in for a cleaning/checkup. He informed me that my blood pressure was very high. He literally begged me to go and get a physical as soon as I could. So I listened to him, got a physical, and was told by my GP to get a colonoscopy. I had that procedure, to come to find out that I had the beginning stages of colon cancer! I had a surgical procedure to take out the tumor that had formed in my colon, and when I got the pathology results, I was told that I had a genetic type of tumor that would certainly have turned into colon cancer, and I was extremely lucky to have had the colonoscopy when I did! I truly believe that if I had not listened to Dr. Moses, I would have had a much worse form of colon cancer, and my life would certainly be in jeopardy! I want to thank Dr. Moses for being such a caring dentist, who pushed me to get an overdue physical! He saved my life! I highly recommend him, and his wonderful staff!"
    - Michael C
  • "I have been coming to Dr. Moses office for 20 years. I would not trust anyone else to work on my teeth. The hygienists are excellent, they do a thorough job cleaning my teeth and always have a smile on their faces. Connie Jane and Dale have been with him for as long as I’ve been there and they couldn’t be more accommodating and polite to deal with."
    - Jan A.
  • "I've been a patient of Dr. Moses since 1991. My wife Melinda also goes. Dr. Moses and his staff are very knowledgeable and courteous. I recommend Dr. Moses's office to others."
    - Kenneth G.
  • "I know how hard it can be to find a good dentist so when I was moving into the area I asked a coworker (about 25 years ago) who she could recommend - she recommended Dr. Moses. To this day I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Moses and his staff. He is wonderful with children and adults. If you are looking for a dentist make an appointment with Dr. Moses. Trust me you will not be disappointed."
    - Colette
  • "I've been a patient of Dr. Moses for over 25 years. My husband and four children also go. Both Dr. Moses and his exceptional staff have always made "going to the dentist" as easy and pleasant as possible! I highly recommend this dental office!"
    - Regina M.
  • "Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Dr Moses is a great dentist, my dental was completely painless even when I told him to try drilling the last time tooth without novocain it was completely painless. He gets my recommendation as a great dentist."
    - Albert M.
  • "Dr. Moses's staff, CONNIE, DALE, and JANE are important to me in helping me with my dental treatments for now about 20 years. I am so fortunate with Dr. Moses and his crew."
    - Saul S.
  • "Strange as it may sound, I'm actually happy when I get the notice for my dental check ups. You NEVER wait in his office. The staff is fabulous. The procedures are as pain-free as humanly possible. I am not oblivious to pain or masochistic, but I actually look forward to my visits."
    - Joe McG.
  • "Dr. Moses is very thorough in explaining options, completing my dental work and making me feel comfortable. Jen, the hygienist is kind and does an excellent job. I look forward to my visits."
    - Carol M.
  • "I had a very good experience at Dr. Moses's office. He was very gentle and his staff was very friendly and helpful."
    - Mike
  • "Dr. Moses is very gentle and understands my needs and works around it. Jen, my hygenist is very thorough and so sweet. The office staff is very friendly and makes sure my needs are taken care of, not to mention that they never forget to remind me when it comes time for my appointments."
    - Liz

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